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Our Adventure Challenge books are not country/region specific, and can be completed anywhere!

The only exception is that each challenge has an estimated cost range which is listed in USD (as we're a US based company).

Some challenges do call for a general location, such as a grocery store or a body of water, but you can always adjust the challenge to your needs or liking :)

All products are in English.

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Our Editions come with small orange discs you can use to reveal your challenge!

But if you don't have one of those handy, we would suggest using a credit/debit card to scratch off the adventures. Make sure to scratch slowly and light at first!

Our concepts and challenges are imagined and dreamed up here in Redding, CA while the products are assembled overseas with the help of various vendors from multiple countries.

Absolutely! We partner with platforms such as Google Pay, and ShopPay, and all major credit cards. We chose the methods you love to ensure the safest, most secure shopping experience.

There are 50 fun and unique adventures in each edition. These challenges can be completed in any town/city, and can be modified to fit your needs.

Please Note: Each challenge has an estimated cost listed in USD, as we are a US based company :)

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We have placed icons beside each challenge so that you can plan and prepare for the adventure ahead! Any date with the baby icon will indicate a baby sitter will be needed.

Of course! We believe that adventure is not based on our abilities, but only limited by our imagination. All of our challenges can be easily modified to suit your needs!